Inexpensive Home Makeover Ideas part 2

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Cover Boxes With Wrapping Paper

You can do better than those ho-hum bins from the office-supply store. Turn plain boxes (such as shoe or checkbook boxes) into pretty storage containers with excess wrapping paper, then label them with old gift tags. You can use them as gift boxes, too.

Hang Photos and Artwork on One Wall

Your family pictures have more impact when they’re grouped together. A word to the wise: Before you do any hanging, arrange the pieces on the floor to get a sense of how they’ll look on the wall. And never mind if the frames don’t match.

Plant Herbs in Florist’s Vases

You’ve got them?stacked up under the sink, probably?so make use of them. Plant small potted herbs in vessels of various heights (add a layer of pebbles at the bottom of each for drainage). Wrap them in a heavy-stock paper, secure with twine, and label.

Stash Toiletries in Mismatched Tableware

Just because your vanity is a catchall for makeup doesn’t mean it can’t look put-together. Place a platter on top and fill it with seldom-seen china pieces, like a sugar bowl and a creamer, that can hold cotton balls, nail files, and brushes.

Turn Salt and Pepper Shakers Into Bud Vases

Screw off the caps of spare salt and pepper shakers (or empty jam jars or perfume bottles) and use the receptacles to display flowers on a bedroom night table or a guest-bathroom sink. You can also put potpourri inside.

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