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Regardless of what color scheme and décor style you prefer, the current interior design trend makes good sense. A hectic, fast-paced lifestyle dictates the need for an uncluttered, relaxing environment at the end of a busy day. The home oasis is fast becoming more of a private retreat than it is a decorator’s showpiece.

Gone are the days of ornate styles and “keeping up with the Joneses” by acquiring the biggest and best. Today’s basic interior design tip: “more is less.” That’s because today’s home décor is all about creating a tranquil atmosphere, with focus on simplicity and functionality.

Contemporary designs, for instance, are no longer cold and hard. The look is uncluttered with clean lines, instead. And the good news is the current trend in interior design is less clutter and fuss; which translates to less expense, too. Here are some tips:

  • Comfort, relaxation, and continuity are key elements in the current interior design trend. Uncluttered areas, open spaces. Whether a sedating, distraction free, or stimulating environment. Use colors, textures, and select accessories to create the mood and compliment décor. And aroma therapy oil can be used to compliment the atmosphere in almost any room of the house.
  • Avoid “stuffing” rooms with multi pieces of furniture or bulky furnishings. Integrate the discreet euphony of a ticking clock, water sounds and visual appeal of an aquarium, or splashing sounds created by a wall or floor fountain; inviting and soothing at the same time. An aroma therapy candle or two provides subtle lighting that will enhance a room’s relaxing mood.
  • Give master bedroom design spa-like appeal, while reflecting the personality of the individual: sitting areas for reading, listening to music, or de-stressing, water therapy and aromatherapy, controlled lighting. Wall colors can be understated, clean and warm. Try a bench at the foot of the bed with a lap throw in a bright design or color to add interest. What about a feather bed topper for maximum soft-as-a-cloud comfort. Or wispy window features over sleek-style cell shades that diffuse light.
  • In bedrooms consider pastel colors, soft textures, subdued lighting, and the visual and scent appeal of pillow aroma therapy. This can be as simple as rectangular, oval, or heart-shaped accent pillows filled with herbs, spices, and scent-filled dried flora. Either arranged atop the bed, hung from a bed post with satin ribbon, or set kitty-cornered on a wall shelf. The sight is pleasing. The sedating scent creates a relaxing room mood. Herbs with medicinal value relax the nerves, and soothe the spirit.
  • Incorporate an indoor water feature into room design. A large plant, several smaller specimens, or a mirror arranged near a tabletop or floor model water fountain or falls is therapeutic, providing tranquil sounds. Air quality and room interior design is enhanced.
  • Create a stress-free atmosphere using colors; soft blues, greens, tans, and browns encompass a sense of “safeness.” Blues and greens are clear, clean colors…almost ethereal; browns and tans are earthy and add warmth. Colors currently vogue are warm, buttery colors, mossy greens, cinnamon, and soft shades of lavender.
  • The trend in most room décor is subtle and neutral with accessories to add color and interest. Dens, dining rooms, and offices especially can sport deeper, more vibrant colors; walls can be saturated with accents.
  • Today’s trend in interior design not only leans more towards the clean and simple, but the natural as well. Brushed nickel and metal will enhance the natural look in a dramatic way. When it comes to metal finishes, try blends of brass, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze in hardware, picture frames, urns, and table lamps, and other room extras.

Happy designing and decorating!


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