How To Use Room Dividers

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Room dividers are functional and decorative. There are quite a few ways of using them in decor. Dividers can provide some privacy in an open layout or be used for decorative purposes. Dividers are great at marking the zones in the room as well as providing some privacy in a one room apartment, for instance.

Use screens and shields to divide two areas in the room. Choose the color that will fit the room‘s color scheme. If you want to fit it into the room’s architecture go with the main color in the color scheme. If you want to add a bright accent to the room choose a screen in a bright color that will fit with the room’s color scheme.

Curtains suit bedrooms but they can also be used in a one-room apartment to hide the bed and create canopy bed effect. Beaded and fringed curtains can be used instead of fabric ones.

There are many decorative designs of the room dividers out there. Some come in patterns while others feature interesting texture. They also come in a variety of materials. These can be used as decorative wall decor as it can give structure and decorative touch to the flat blank wall.

The space in the room can be divided not only with the help of decorative screens and shields but also storage room dividers. Since space and storage are vital for small-spaced homes such storage systems can be used to divide the room into areas and still have the room to store things.

The storage room divider can be open and function as shield/screen as well as it can function as a whole wall extending from floor to the ceiling. One room apartment can benefit from a storage system wall that will divide the room into private and public areas.

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