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Wherever we’re heading, we always hope to discover,  in equal measure, interesting design, architectural merit and a friendly  populous. Ticking all these boxes is New Eng-land; positioned in the United  State’s northeastern corner, New England is an amalgam of six beautiful states  and  a destination that provides designers with inspiration.

To whet your appetites, here’s a look at one of our previous projects, a  domestic scheme which captures the airy essence of New England.


Our scheme is all about fresh, open concept. This in mind, we removed the  cupboard that occupied the area to the left of the dining zone which immediately  made the room’s overall foot-print larger. Note the ladder storage that divides  the space; the side struts of this are solid beams which add vital support to  the ceiling. These were originally concealed within the cup-board, but now  exposed – and with the addition of step shelves – they provide the framework for  display.


To bolster our emerging  scheme, we specified bright, pickled timber, a product which appears worn by the  passage of time and one which helps bounce light around the newly opened  space.


To further evoke the spirit of clap-board homes, we installed simple tongue  and groove wall panels from Home Depot. We painted the panels a fresh, washy white and added  punctuation, above, with softest baby blue. Played against golden tones of sandy beaches, antique  furniture and rattan detailing, it seldom fails to deliver.


A classic allusion to New England, shutters are a surefire way to inform your  home with a holiday vibe. They’re not inexpensive, but their tailored esthetic  will transcend time and ‘future proof’ your real estate. In addition to  installing shutters on the main window elevation, we also positioned them in the  drywall that backs on to the staircase.


We arranged lashings of touchy freely Lauren-style rattan alongside simple  Hilfiger inspired fabrics and refined our look with red detailing, carefully  selected cobalt glass wares and a natural floor rug (edged in blue) to anchor  our scheme.


Pop  candles in storm lanterns, group them at table height or secrete them in glass  wall sconces to imbue proceedings with a soft, welcoming glow. And try ceiling  lights that evoke pastoral days and easy living. Our ceiling fixtures are  basically upturned glass domes set on a brass chain; sure, they’re simple, but  they’re thoroughly effective.

Via Vancouver Sun.

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