The Bowen Island People Plants and Places Tour

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On Saturday July 21st I had the pleasure of attending Bowen Islands People, Plants and Places tour. The self guided tour allows guests to explore eastern, western and southern parts of the Island. Homeowner’s host visitors, sharing their homes, gardens and stories that make Bowen Island such a special place. The rich and diverse plant material was matched by the equally inspiring architecture. Wood clad homes merged seamlessly with the surround gardens, leaving tour guests with inspiration for indoors and out.

Evan Cunningham, Designer

Evan is back from a semester on exchange from the University for the Creative Arts in England. This brings him one step closer to completing his degree in Interior Design.  When he isn’t “nose to the books” he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He also has an interest in history, art, architecture, and cars.

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  1. Jennie says:

    I’ve never been to Bowen Island before; it looks beautiful!

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