Creative Solutions: Layering Neutrals

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Layering Neutrals

It is always exciting to start a relationship with a new realtor or developer. Getting to know their marketing techniques and preferences is essential to assisting them in selling their properties. In this townhouse project we were asked to be restrained in our use of colour but to focus on using neutrals and pattern to create a warm family friendly environment. We were excited about this idea and focused on contrasting textures to build interest. We paired sleek modern metals with raw organic woods and layered warm throw blankets and lots of cozy pillows. The end result was as dynamic as a room full of colour.

Layering Neutrals

Layering neutrals is a popular design trend and we hope it continues. Nothing invites you into a living area like a combination of comfortable neutrals. It looks fresh and feels warm; the best of both form and function.

Beka Knight, Designer

Beka graduated from UBC with a degree in Fine Art and Theory and then went on to Langara College where she received her diploma in Display+Design. Beka is interested in many aspects of design including interior, graphics and display.  Happily she is able to work in all three disciplines here at Flüff.

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  1. Jennie says:

    Looks awesome guys! I’m a person who loves colour, but the combination of texture and pattern looks amazing. You’re right, it is warm and inviting.

  2. It looks beautiful! Can you post the link to the rest of the pictures of this project… would love to see the rest!

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