Shane's World: DIY Mirror Refurbishing

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Welcome to Shane’s World! This is a new column about all the creative DIY stuff that warehouse warrior Shane Edwards works on around Fluff. The first project is on refurbishing an old wooden mirror.

Step 1: Sanding

Sand down the mirror with sandpaper. Make sure all scratches are smoothed out.

Step 2: Taping

Just like painting walls, make sure the mirror is nicely covered with painter`s tape. You can either use a putty knife or Exacto Knife to tear the ends.

Step 3: Covering

Take foam or newspaper to cover up the mirrored surface. When you finish covering it up, you might have something that resembles a Mondrian!

Step 4: Spray Painting

Stack the mirror on top of a surface. We used a baker`s cart but you can easily put it on top of some boxes or a palette. Go outside to spray paint 2 to 3 coats until you can`t see the colour underneath anymore. Wait a few hours and voila! You have a boutique style mirror.

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