Plyboo: A Fun and Sustainable Building Material

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Plyboo Restaurant

BanQ Restaurant designed by Office dA, Boston MA

We are in love with this totally great sustainable building material called Plyboo. The company that makes this remarkable material has been around since 1989 when the founders decided that it was time to invest in the development of eco friendly building products. Bamboo plywood or Plyboo was created in 1996 and was part of the movement to create formaldehyde free building materials. Smith and Fong, the company that developed Plyboo, was concerned with in-door air quality as well as the disposal of the product after use.

What we love about the product, as well as the sustainability factor, is the many applications and the creative possibilities. Designers have been testing the limits of the material and we have seen so many interesting design applications. Flooring, furniture, stairs, cabinetry, and wall cladding, can all be made out of Plyboo. It has a great modern look but with the warmth of wood!

plywood stack  Plyboo Kitchen

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  1. Jennie says:

    Is the ceiling of the restaurant also in Plyboo? Pretty cool stuff…

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