Langara Students Visit Flüff Designs

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What a morning we had at Flüff!   The Design Formation graduating class were here firstly for a tour.  Beka and I had the pleasure of touring the 26 enthusiastic, creative types through the different aspects of our company.  You could literally “feel” the energy.  We started with a quick tour of the warehouse along with a brief overview of our day-to-day activities.  Next we shifted into Flüff for Keeps to give them an overview of all our customizable furniture.  Off we went upstairs to The Studio to discuss the staging industry and to have an in-depth Q&A.  The students all proved to be extremely interested and interesting!  Back downstairs where they participated in a design challenge.  Each team had to develop an office space with the client profile that we created.  What a success!

This is such a great program, we highly recommend you check out the Langara website to learn more about the courses offered and the amazing work of these students.

Patti Houston, Owner

Patti Houston

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  1. niina says:

    I just love seeing how much growth has happened since my days at Fluff; I can feel the excitement.

  2. Patti says:

    I really wish you were here to enjoy it. I has been and is really fun, exciting and ever changing.

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