Testing Tempaper: Temporary Wallpaper

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This week at Flüff we tested out the anticipated temporary wallpaper from New York’s Tempaper! Our talented warehouse extraordinaire Shane built a wall and covered it with Tempaper. This product is really great because it is simple to apply and remove with zero damage to the existing wall finish. We were given the task to put together a vignette and photograph this with the newly created grey and white chevron patterned wall.

Because we were so inspired by the funkiness of the paper, we were able to come up with two different looks based on the same piece of art; blue, orange, and cream. These colours tied into the retro feel of the furniture and the wallpaper. We used orange and blue accessories with dark greys and creams to reflect the style and make it fun and vibrant.

Seeing the possibilities that could be created around the installation of the patterned Temp Paper was truly rewarding and exciting. We’ll update you guys later about exactly how well the wallpaper removes. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying the beautiful chevron wallpaper not only on the wall but above our kitchen sink and staff wash rooms.

– Tiffany & Keely

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