Flüff Loves: Versatility in Furniture!

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[definition] VERSATILITY: able or meant to be used in many different ways.

One of the things we like to focus on at Flüff is the beauty of versatility. Flüff For Keeps offers a number of multi-functional pieces from side tables to sectionals.

One of the newest additions to our showroom is a gorgeous oatmeal sectional which has a wide range of configurations. It comes in sections that can be transformed into two sofas, can be arranged left or right sided, can have the placements of back cushions altered, or can be arranged into two single beds for guests. Not only is this sectional good for any occasion but it is also very comfortable piece with a sleek, contemporary look.

Another new addition to our showroom are the chic metal cluster tables. They are extremely fun to play with as they can be arranged in a number of ways. There are three different sizes in a choice of finishes that can be layered in clusters, used separately, or have the top used as a tray. Whether they are being used as side tables, a cluster for a coffee table, or as a tray for your red wine, they are a great addition to any living space.

Why not order in some custom art or pillows to go with your new furniture? Flüff also offers custom art and pillow options to help your vision come to life!

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