Staging with Books: Try doing this with an E-Reader!

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Books are a wonderful staging tool for many reasons. Books can pull together a group of accessories, create a narrative within a room or add an air of sophistication or playfulness to a space. These next examples are vignettes we created to help illustrate what you can do with books in your projects.

First Image: Chic Shelf 

This book has a really interesting cover image with pops of vibrant blue.  We carefully chose the accessories to pull the teal, black and white together and created a fun vignette for a bookshelf.


Second Image: That’s a Wrap

For this travel-themed desk setting we used a stack of books that had been re-covered with map wrapping paper. This is a great trick for updating old books that are no longer in good condition. The multitude of colours in the maps give you so many options when choosing a highlight colour. In this vignette we chose to focus on the green and beige.

Third Image: Zen Assemblage

This minimal recipe book looks cute with only some small plants and a pair of chopsticks. The colours on the book cover are so beautiful so we kept it simple by layering green and black accessories.

Fourth Image: Kids Bookshelf

In this vignette we staggered the books to add visual interest. This little trick enables you to show off the beauty of several patterned book spines and creates a textured look.

Fifth Image: Colour Cohesion

Using colour from the pages of the books is so much fun! This staging trick can create instant cohesion. It also gives you an opportunity to layer other objects on-top of the book in an interesting way.

Good luck in your future projects and remember how important using books is in your designs. Books are an essential layering tool in designing and can be used for more than just gathering inspiration. Books can add softness, sophistication and warmth to any space. 

Tiffany Blaise, Designer

Tiffany Designer

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