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This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler Russell, the director of the Café for Contemporary Art. It was evident from our discussion that Tyler is not only enthusiastic about his business and the art community, but he is also well versed in his world. It seems that his experience in living in countries other than Canada have influenced how he sees art and how he can contribute to people’s life through art. 

The café has a bright, modern design that is warm and inviting. There is a large community table in the centre and a space that is kid friendly. In that area there is a wonderful mural on the wall and Tyler told me about one of his favourite clients – a 2 year old that loves to frequent the restaurant so she can study the mural (I would love to know that little toddler when she is older). There is a room juxtaposed to the café – gallery like in feel – where you can quietly enjoy the current exhibit.  Although we only had coffee, the menu looks really good.  All items seem tantalizing and healthy with a variety of gluten free items. 

There is a bit of an expansion in the near future.  I am sure you can learn all about it if you follow them on facebook

I will definitely be frequenting this wonderful café because I am delighted it’s in my “hood”.  If you too would like to experience it, it is located at 140 E. Esplanade – a short walk from the seabus if you are coming from Vancouver.

~Patti Houston, Owner

Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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