Does Apple Really Care?

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I don’t often bother to publicly share my views of bad service and I am always eager to comment on great companies, amazing products and stellar customer service, but I felt compelled to share this experience as a company that “talks the talk” but DEFINITELY doesn’t “walk the walk”.

Apple prides itself in its Apple Care program; customer service that’s supposed to be second to none and always has someone there to assist. It has been my understanding that their entire marketing campaign is based on those guidelines.

I bought a new Macbook Pro only because I use Lightroom extensively and my previous Macbook just couldn’t support the program. I was going to take the old one to use at work, but when I packed it to go I found this horrible issue with the battery:

Sadly this was the second time this had happened. The first time I pried the battery from the laptop and took it to the Apple store in Pacific Centre. I was told that because I didn’t bring the computer with me, there was nothing they could do; they said they could dispose of the battery for me. Although I was disappointed with the lack of service, I was happy to have it taken care of because if the battery was to expand any further and explode, it would become severely toxic and dangerous.

I knew better this time and took the entire computer with the battery in this condition to the same location and was met with even worse service. The first person told me she would be happy to help me get the battery out and give me a price for a new one. I felt that due to this being a) a safety issue and b) the second time it had happened, I felt this battery should be replaced. She said she couldn’t do that and asked if I wanted to talk to a manager – of course. I waited 45 minutes before anyone came to speak with me and not only did I not get a new battery, I was met with the most condescending attitude. I told them to pack up my battery and computer and that I would be leaving. They were reluctant to return the battery to me (not sure if that was because they were fully aware of the danger involved or the possible implications of what I may do with it).

So here I am a week later and in need of a new laptop for work and a new tablet. Will it be an Apple product? Not a chance!

What this reinforced for me was that anyone who owns a business, whether it’s a one man operation or a company as big as Apple, ensure that your customer gets what you have promised them. If you can’t follow through, then don’t promise.

I don’t think Apple really cares.

~Patti Houston, Owner
Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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