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I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail last weekend featuring another company designing prefab homes. Local architectural team, Michael Katz and partner Janet Corne, have created what they are calling Vancouver Special 2.0. They are basically a 3 bedroom, 1800 square foot contemporary home with an 800 square foot 2 bedroom garden suite AND a 500 square foot 2 bedroom laneway house – all on a 33 foot lot. Not only is this an efficient use of space, but the finishings are high end including rooftop gardens, radiant heat and high end appliances. Building costs? $275/sq. ft. not including the lot.

If Vancouver has issues with density and price, these amazing homes certainly address both very well. The 2 additional spaces spin off approximately $1500 and $1700 each. Given that a 33 foot lot now houses 3 families, I would say that assists in the density issue. My only question is, “Where’s the parking?”

I am very much looking to seeing this in 3D.

~Patti Houston, Owner
Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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