Whistler: Train Wreck & Alta Bistro

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Rick and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks ago in Whistler. It is always such a great getaway and this time I had a couple of experiences I want to share.

We discovered a hike called the Train Wreck. It’s only about an hour out and back from Function Junction but there is such an amazing bonus when you get there. Apparently, sometime in the 50’s a train derailed and the cost of clean up was far too prohibitive. They decided to leave the 7 cars that are now deeply entrenched between the railway tracks and the Cheakamus River. The cars themselves are twisted, gnarly and dispersed like toys throughout the trees.

Over the years a variety of artists have laid claim to some of these unusual “canvases” and have created the most amazing art installation in the middle of a forest. (Rumour has it that Chile Thom was first to display his talent) As the years went on, the natural rusting changed the appearance and other artists continued to add their touch embracing every twist and fold of the cars. There has also been an amazing bike park created with ramps and jumps from the top of the cars. It is definitely a thing to behold.

Later that night we dined at one of my favourite Whistler restaurants; the Alta Bistro. It’s a smallish but intimate restaurant and always a great time. Reservations are a must. We could only get one at the bar but that experience was well worth it.

Scot, who attended to our every need, is not only the bar manager but as his card says he is a “cocktail technician”.  It is definitely HIS bar! In my estimation an amazing dining experience is the perfect combo of 3 things: incredible food, amazing presentation and stellar service.  Not often do you get the magic trio but I must say we certainly did that night. The menu is not huge but everything on it was so tempting and obviously well thought out. One course led perfectly into the next and presentation was a solid 10. Scot was just the right amount of conversation vs. space and yes we did experience his technical skills and he is also very good at his craft.

I would highly recommend experiencing these two incredible Whistler spots. Both made our anniversary a memorable weekend.

~Patti Houston, Owner
Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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