Property Brothers: Bargain Hunting

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Over the weekend, the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, were featured in an article written by Kerry Gold from the Globe and Mail. The article discusses hunting for real estate bargains, renovating, and re-selling for profit.

Drew and Jonathan (who grew up in Vancouver) admit that even though the market is currently in a soft state, bargains still exist within the city. Knowing the area and doing research is essential. Flipping property is not easy and it takes patience to turn a profit. So expect to hang on to your investment anywhere from 3 to 5 years. However, it is possible to find that hidden gem, renovate it, and then re-sell for gain.

As we excitedly mentioned last week, Flüff has been selected to stage a couple episodes for the Property Brothers’ new show Buying and Selling on the W Network. They also understand that staging helps with a potential buyer’s imagination on what an empty space could be transformed into. Tune in soon!

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