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The conversation started something like this: “Wouldn’t it be cool to be a fabric designer?” Jennie, Flüff’s fabric specialist, recently found a fabulous article in the May issue of ELLE Décor. It featured the brightly printed designs of Parisian fabric house Canovas, celebrating their 50th anniversary.

For this special occasion, designer Arianne Dalle looked toward India for inspiration. Her team traveled to Mughal palaces, outdoor markets and tropical gardens to look for design sources. The research resulted in a spring collection full red, orange and pink florals along with green and blue circular prints.

Looking around, we found that Flüff’s Spring/Summer 2013 pillow and linen collections were almost an exact match to the featured Canovas fabrics! We have an array of vibrant pink, orange and navy blue prints trending in our current collections. Without taking a plane anywhere, an organic process happens behind the scenes at Flüff too.

Each season we pin two or three main inspiration images from magazines, photos from Patti’s travel, or ideas from fashion onto our cork board. With focal images in mind, our team gravitates toward colours through creating custom art and furniture, and buying accessories and fabric. This season, you’ll find lime green in the art, accessories, as well as many pillow styles.

We were excited to see that our ideas were right on target. What are some colours or styles you’ve chosen before, without looking toward trend forecasts, that turned out to be right on trend? We’d love to hear about your amazing design sensibility in the comments below! 

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  1. Funny you mentioned lime green. I’m putting together a new colour palette very similar using “LIMON”, a very vibrant lemon-lime colour. It’s gorgeously juicy, friendly & fresh (I think it could wake up the dead!) I can hardly wait to use it in my next staging job.

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