How to Impress a Home Buyer According to Modern Family

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Last week’s episode of Modern Family was about home staging. It was such a laugh, and we highly recommend checking it out for some home staging do’s and don’ts from the talented Cameron. 

How to impress a home buyer according to Modern Family:

  • Stalk your buyer to ensure everything in the home appeals to them…music, posters of favorite teams, doggie doors and the like.  Pretend you didn’t do this on purpose.
  • Perfect Cam’s “pillow chop” to ensure plump pillows.  Make sure no one sits on the sofa or disturbs the cushions.  An immaculate sofa equals a high selling rate.
  • Try not to blow your budget.  If you do, try Cam’s method of kindly explaining that “everything was just so pretty that you couldn’t resist”!

Click this link to watch a preview this hilarious Modern Family episode!

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  1. Leslie Todd says:

    I also watched the staging episode – hilarious! Love your third bullet point Miranda: “everything was just so pretty that you couldn’t resist!” – Leslie Todd, Refresh Home Staging

  2. miranda says:

    Hi Leslie, yes it was too funny! It’s also great to see staging represented in the media… especially on a show like Modern Family.

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