Creative Solutions: Luxurious Transformation

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Having been on the market for a while, the realtor of this two bedroom condo in the West End contacted Fluff to do what we do best.  Immediately after staging the condo, the property sold within the first month’s rental period; leaving the owner and realtor in absolute delight. 

In order to avoid painting, we worked with the bright yellow wall colour by muting it out with grey and black furniture alongside black and chrome accessories.  By accentuating darker accessories and glass surfaces, we created an adult friendly hideaway complimenting the original deco glam crystal chandelier and light fixtures.   We continued the intimate décor by transforming the master bedroom into a romantic inspired oasis.  Mixing the black sheer floor lampshade alongside black and chrome accessories we felt the space was successfully converted into a luxurious sanctuary.

We always love taking on projects that have been on the market for a lengthy period of time.   It makes us even more determined to transform the space into what the target market desires.  This property was one of those times, and having it sold within the first month was another Fluff success!

By: Mitchell & Jane

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