Drayton Renovations: Week 2 Update

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Week 2: There was lots of progress this week. The tearing apart always seem to go more quickly than the putting back together. This week’s accomplishments were:

  • The electrical has been updated and new attractive switch plates installed – The spindles are gone and we are ready to start drywalling
  • We are prepped for painting. The doors and some of the trim have been primed and some of the ceilings are already painted. I must say Para paint has not only has incredible colour selection (their greys are amazing) the coverage is so good.
  • Tiles have been sourced for the floor and backsplash
  • The garden is shaping up nicely. I can’t wait until the lilac is in full bloom. They smell so good. It brings back memories of my grandmother’s house.

  • The patio and stairs have been repaired, ready for paint and a new glass roof installed

Next week’s install will be more additions & enhancements. Glitch of the week? (and there always is one) A pipe burst and the basement flooded. It’s all fixed now!

~ Patti Houston, owner

Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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  1. Jean Burns says:

    Fantastic progress Patti. All before the rain came too, well done 🙂

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