Fashion Colours and Décor

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Trends in fashion and décor are mirroring each other at the moment…just think accessorizing the body vs accessorizing the home. Fashion is a major inspiration to us designers here at Fluff and lately we have been noticing some major colour trends that are very current in both worlds. Some of the colours that are popping up right now are turquoise, acid green, and yellow.

Talk of Aqua: This Caribbean color is more than just what you see in the sea.  When worn it brings out tans, and in rooms it pops. This colour is great for packing some punch through feature walls or clusters of accessories.

Mean Green: Lime green has been on runways all over the world and now it’s being used abundantly for kitchens and living rooms. Add some zest to your life by donning some lime garments or grabbing some fun green chairs. 

Mellow Yellow: We’re in love with subdued yellows. They add such a brightening and cheerful feel to any space and are so much fun to accessorize outfits with. But beware, too much yellow can be overpowering! Some fun ways to use yellow are with bold jewelry or a bright shirt. 

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