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Last week, we had a “place setting challenge” among the designers. They had a maximum of 10 minutes to put together a place setting of their choice with one stipulation: they must use a lamp shade found from Patti’s renovation project

So this is what we did. We had three (non-Flüffian) judges make their call on their favourites. Then we brought the challenge online to Facebook! We asked our loyal Facebook fans what they thought were the best.

The results were surprising! Although the 3 newest designers won via the offline judges, they all tied for 3rd place in the online competition. So here are our results:

Offline Winners (L to R)

  1. Natalie
  2. Joe
  3. Sarah

Online Winners (L to R)

  1. Mitchell
  2. Shane
  3. Tied! Natalie, Sarah, Joe

Congrats, designers! And thanks to everyone who participated in our Facebook challenge. 

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