Tiny Living – Episode 4: 400 sq ft New York Apartment

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We recently came across a video of New York entrepreneur, Graham Hill, who took a 400 square foot apartment space and turned it into a configurable living space that feels more like 1000 square feet. Over the course of 2 years, he gutted the entire apartment and internationally crowd-sourced submissions for design ideas.

In the end, one of the smartest designs he implemented was a movable wall that he can pull out from the main living room/bedroom area to create a guest room. He also incorporated plenty of storage up and down walls, a fold-down seat that converts the washroom into a private telephone booth, and a Murphy bed. One of the best items was a console that extends out to a 10-person dinner table!

His tiny living philosophy of “life-editing” also extends to clothing, utensils, and energy sources. He chooses anti-bacterial fabrics that require less washing, stackable kitchenware, and solar panels that fuel his iPhone and reading light. According to the Graham, less stuff equals more time to spend connecting with people. A smaller space also means there’s less space to heat.

At the end of the video, Graham throws a party for his friends to show that his space does accommodate many people. One of the happy guests makes a good point, “I think that people prefer to be in a smaller, intimate space than a big space where they feel empty.”

Watch the tiny 420 sq ft apartment transform here!

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