Property Brothers Meet & Greet in Photos

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CC: Meet & Greet Thank You Email – collage

Last week Drew and Jonathan Scott of the Property Brothers were in to give Fluff fans a fun meet & greet. Once again we’d like to thank everyone who came to meet the brothers. We worked hard to make this fun and hope you had a great time! If you weren’t able to make it, you can still enjoy the fan photos and “behind the scenes” photos on Facebook.

It was just about 2 hours before the event started that our first fan showed up! The event was a great success, as we all enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere. Drew and Jonathan did a couple of video-grams for fans who weren’t able to make it, posed with puppies, took photos with each and every person who came through, and even quite literally swept a few lovely ladies off their feet – including Patti!

Here’s a write-up of the Meet & Greet from the perspective of Alanna Winterly, a designer and fellow Fluff supporter, who came to the event.

“The time was very well organized and very streamlined.  Thank you all for taking time out of your personal lives to orchestrate the event and make sure that everyone had a chance to get a picture.  Thank you for getting the pictures up so promptly and for making them so accessible!”  – Casey Amaral


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  1. Great recap and photos, Patti! And thanks for sharing my link!

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