A Colour Story

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It’s not uncommon for clients to request that we use certain pieces of their own furniture when staging, especially when they will be living in the property during the duration of the sale. This helps alleviate the stress of trying to move or store large pieces of their personal belongings during what is most likely an already stressful time in their lives.

mauve king size headboard and matching pillow band

In this particular case we were rather excited to be working with our client’s larger than life, king size, purple, micro-suede bed. This gave us an obvious kick off point in a lively colour pallet that can’t help but make a person smile.

a colour story 4

By embracing the purple on the upper level we were able to marry the headboard to the perfect piece of art which also introduced several layers of blue into the equation. This allowed us to usher the blue down to the main floor while still maintaining a cohesive and sophisticated feel of which the property so deserved. By pure luck we also had a pillow band at Fluff that was the exact colour of the headboard!

a coulour story 3

From there, once again, the ideal piece of art introduced an abundance of options for us to draw from. We decided to favour Orange and introduce it to the basement suite of the home. We felt that this was the perfect opportunity to shine some light into a space that would normally be subjected to a preconceived notion of being stark and unwelcoming. By selecting such a radiant colour we proved to our client that this particular room of the house was actually the crowning jewel of the home.

basement with orange accent colour

Overall the outcome had a vibrant, refreshing, yet sophisticated conclusion which all began with an unexpected and playful piece of furniture courtesy of the home owner. Often times being given a box that one is forced to think outside of can be the most rewarding of all.

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