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Some time ago I wrote a blog post about a very interesting café in North Vancouver called The Café for Contemporary Art.  I had a somewhat serendipitous and most pleasurable reconnection with this amazing business. During my initial conversation with the owner, warehouse with pianos insideTyler Russell, he suggested I go to The Two Daughters Bakery in the lane behind as they cater to my gluten-free needs. Rick and I were going out for dinner in the area and decided to find the location of this bakery. Walking along the lane we not only found the bakery; we also came across a warehouse with the loading door open and a most gorgeous white grand piano inside. We chatted with the young musicians to find out what on earth they were doing.  (apparently the $137,000 piano was loaned to them by Manuel Bernaschek of Showcase Pianos. Wow that’s generosity!) They invited us to come to their concert then next night.  I was definitely intrigued.  

The next day I went to the amazing bakery and it was worth the bit of work it took to find it. Lisa’s offerings are fresh, delicious and reasonably priced.  Her adorable daughter was helping mom out and told me how proud she was of her mom for helping all the celiac kids. What a sweetheart! Check out how beautifully her artisan breads are displayed.  

two sisters gluten free bakery vancouver

That night off I went to the concert thinking it was going to be something similar to a high school recital. Oh my goodness – what a surprise.  Although these musicians were young their youth certainly didn’t diminish their talent.  I was mesmerized for the entire hour and a bit.  And to my surprise, Tyler Russell was present.  This “warehouse” is part of the auxiliary space I referred to in my initial blog post.  I got to have a tour of the place and it confirmed to me that he really does think out of the box. [scrollGallery id=89]

Here in a back lane in North Vancouver exists a cultural enclave to be enjoyed by all.  Well done!

The talented musicians were:

Carol Eunkyung Hur, Violin

Even Lamberton, Cello

Amy Seulky Lee, Piano

What an amazing weekend!  

~Patti Houston, Owner

Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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    Yes indeed it was an impressive performance.

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