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When I started teaching home staging in 2004 very few people knew what it was. Myself along with several other key players like Patti Houston of Flüff Designs, had to educate the public about the benefits of home staging to most home sellers and many realtors! Thankfully today due to the huge number of statistics that support the results staged homes achieve – quicker sales and for more money than unstaged similar properties – our job has been made easier.

I’ve had the pleasure of training hundreds of new home staging entrepreneurs who have gone on to create successful home staging business of their own. Home stagers will work with your budget to determine the best solutions to enhance the look of your property. Stagers can work with some of your furnishings, all of your furnishings or they can create an entire home filled with trendy target-buyer rentals that sellers fall in love with. They can make paint colour selections, suggest the latest and most-liked flooring, update your lighting fixtures and create that WOW look by creating a design layout that is attractive to your market. 

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market and you haven’t considered home staging then you might want to rethink that! In today’s market there is an expectation that your home will be what we call ‘move-in ready’. In the long run this saves everyone time, money and energy while taking the stress out of selling!

Here are Flüff’s top 10 tips for selling your home

10 tips for selling your home infographic

Dana Smithers

Dana J. Smithers, founder and creative director of the PRES Staging Resource Centre





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