Real Estate Prices in Nova Scotia

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I’m still gasping at the real estate prices in Nova Scotia!   I just got back from a fabulous vacation on the East coast.  One of the fun things that Rick and I love to do when we travel is look at real estate where ever we are.  Our friends that live in Halifax are looking at a new home and we were so lucky to be able to tag along with them and their realtor. 


I have to share one particular property with you.  Here are some details:

–          Waterfront property – 1.1 acre to be exact

–          West facing lot with a gorgeous view

–          Fully landscaped and completely private lot

–          Private beach with 200 feet of waterfront

–          Fully renovated, gorgeous 2500 sq. ft home – all high-end finishings

–          30 minutes from city centre


The property has been on the market for over a year because it is overpriced.  Do you want to know the list price?      $865,000!!!  Apparently it’s about $100,000 overpriced.  

Can you imagine what that would cost in Vancouver?! 

But I must say when we hit that tarmac at YVR I was so glad to be home.  I love this city!

~ Patti

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  1. Jenniw says:

    I know, real estate on the East Coast is CRAZY cheap compared to Vancouver!!! If all my family wasn’t over here, I would consider moving there…

  2. do you have a link to the listing? I would love to see the inside!

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