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On October 5th Science World at Telus World of Science hosted Vancouver’s Global Cardboard Challenge Event and it was a smash hit! Inspired by the heart-warming story of Caine’s Arcade, people all over the world were motivated to start the Imagination Foundation.  In 2012, they developed the Global Cardboard Challenge program, which works to connect children all over the world with an opportunity to build and create according to their dreams and interests. The Imagination Foundation aims to “find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids around the world.”

The Global Cardboard Challenge hopes to fire young imaginations, build leadership skills and creativity. In the first year, there were 270+ events in 41 countries around the world. Along the way they learned about teamwork, problem solving, the value of recycling and using found materials for innovations.

CB Challenge02

Kids who participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge at Science World used materials from the Flüff recycling pile to invent and design things like boats, robots, bird watching stations, Mars Cameras, space suits, and even a campfire—complete with marshmallows to roast.

CB Challenge01

Flüff is so proud to support Science World and to contribute to projects like the Global Cardboard Challenge. As creative designers and entrepreneurs, we hope to set the example for future generations to follow their dreams, to be innovative and to never stop creating.

~ Elizabeth Hand | Teacher Support Specialist at Science World, Writer, Blogger and all-round do-it-all. Writing and Reading tips by Elizabeth can be found at The Hand. Science News Inspirations from around the world can be found here:

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