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When we think of Scandinavian Design we think of IKEA. This is due to it being the largest furniture store in the world. It fits the mold of Scandinavian design: Functional, Minimal and Simple Assembly (most of the time).

Sarah04As for myself, I have developed a love for the smaller players on the field: the brands that are hardly sold here in Vancouver. These companies will not be in the same price range as Ikea but they still sell beautiful products that can transform spaces into works of art and I am not only talking about furniture. Take ‘Menu’ for instance they are a Danish company that designs everything from wine decanters to end tables. They have beautiful pieces that are not only functional but are aesthetically stunning.  Sarah01As well as having a great eye for design, Scandinavian designers also brand and photograph their products beautifully. When I think of striking images; a company called Norman Copenhagen comes to mind. Their use of simplistic branding and bold imagery makes me so excited.Sarah02The most interesting thing I have come across is a Norwegian Company called Boa Eindomsmegling. They are a staging company such as Fluff that has recently helped my friend sell her home in Oslo. Their take on home staging blends everything I have mentioned from the use of stunning photography, bold branding and minimalist charm.  Sarah03All in all I am an avid admirer of Scandinavian Design, its simplicity and beauty is exactly why I am in the world of design.  



~ Sarah, Designer at Flüff Designs

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  1. Jennie says:

    I agree, I also love Scandanavian design – some of my favourite!

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