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Julia Davis Big Art with Bud Snow

Julia Davis a.k.a Bud Snow, is popping up all over the West Coast from Vancouver to San Francisco and everywhere in between. The Vancouver born artist grew up under the tutelage of her eclectic parents, Gary Davis and Katherine Surridge, both working artists in Vancouver. In her early twenties Davis moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she studied art at a community college in Santa Rosa. She has received countless awards and has been commissioned by the city to do various pieces including billboards and murals.  She recently completed 2 large scale projects: a 60 foot x 18 foot public mural commissioned by the Sonoma County Museum, and a 40 foot by 40 foot public mural for the city of Santa Rosa. Her artwork is often interpreted as commenting on political and global issues. She describes her work as “Neo-Primalism: the natural and contemporary practice of automatism in a community space.”

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Julia uses bright colours, text, and cartoon like characters in her paintings and drawings but the messages she depicts are hard hitting and speak to serious cultural issues. She says “Art is an exploration of primal experience in urban and sub-urban sprawl.”

In addition to her painting, Bud Snow is also an accomplished photographer and designer. She was the art director and illustrator for Sloth Skateboard Company, and has designed her own clothing, footwear and jewelry. She has also shown her work alongside Los Angeles surf rock band The Growlers. Her Vancouver mural can be seen at The Nines, a multi-purpose studio located at 99 East Pender St.

Julia Davis a.k.a Bud Snow

Bud Snow in front of her mural at The Nines, 99 East Pender St, Vancouver

“Being an artist requires full and broad attention. Approach the mundane with concept. Live to create and manifest things from nothing.”

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  1. jennie says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to see more of her stuff!… 🙂

    • Fluff says:

      You’re welcome Jennie. Julia is currently painting her way up the coast, doing murals along the way. She will be back in Vancouver soon and is planning another large mural for a local restaurant, as well possibly a gallery exhibition. We will keep you updated. Be sure to find Bud Snow on Facebook to see all her latest work.

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