DIY: Glitter Candle Jars

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DIY: Glitter Candle Jars

This is a really easy and fun DIY project and they make great party decorations.  So easy kids will love it. We made some glitter candle jars and used them in our display at the West Coast Christmas Show as well as at our Christmas Fundraiser party. All you need are some glass mason jars, white glue, a paintbrush, and glitter. Make some for your New Year’s party!

Glitter Jars

  1. Remove the lids and clean the jars.
  2. Mix some glue with some water until it is runny and partially clear. (It will be clear once dry).
  3. Paint the glue/water mixture on the inside of the jar.
  4. Pour some glitter in the jar, replace the lid, and shake it.
  5. Remove lid and let dry.
  6.  Then put a small candle or tea light inside and voila, a beautiful candle decoration.

Glitter Jars 2

 Happy New Years!

~the Flüffians


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