Have I Got a Cleaning Tip For You!

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Sadly my wonderful cleaning lady cleaned our brand new LG French door fridge with vinegar (it’s my desire that our home be cleaned without chemicals). Unfortunately, the pure strength vinegar took the finish off the fridge and created a horrible streaky mess.  I tried everything imaginable: WD 40, baby oil, Pledge, Windex ….. (I know I had to get off my no chemical position). BK

I did read on the wonderful world of the internet about a product called BAR KEEPERS FRIEND.  I bought both the cream (which is similar consistency of Vim) and the powder (the consistency of Comet).  Both cause me great concern and thought for sure I would not only have a streaky mess but now a streaky, scratched mess.  But to my surprise this bleach free product produced amazing results.  The fridge is good as new and I continued with the sink, pots & pans and the toaster.  My kitchen is glistening.  I have no idea what’s in this product but it sure works! 

Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor

~ Patti Houston, owner of Flüff Designs

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  1. Thanks for the good tip, Patti! Where to buy it??? I’d definitely like to try it.

  2. jennie says:

    hmmm, good to know, where does one find such a product?…

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