4 Steps to Building A Room

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This week Flüff launched education workshops for staff members. With a background in fashion design, I’ve extensively studied colour theory, textile art and composition. It always fascinates me to see how closely related fashion and interior design are. However, delving into interior design was always an overwhelming thought to me. Where do you start? You have to pick everything from furniture, to art, to storage/organizational pieces to decor items.


Here are my steps to building a room.

Step 1: What type of room is it? 

Keep in mind what room this is going in when picking pieces. They have to be appropriate to the room type and be functional for the space.

Step 2: Pick an inspiration piece.

When creating our vignettes we started with a piece of art then added a set of pillows to match the colour story. Find something that speaks to you!

Step 3: Build around the inspiration piece.

Pick pieces that support the inspiration item. Pay attention to matching colours, styles and shapes. If you have picked, for example, a piece of art with natural, rounded shapes in it you don’t want to pick supporting pieces with hard angles.

Step 4: All in the details.

Fine tune the look by adding in details like greenery, flowers, and decor rocks or sand. Use “What Not to Wear[s]” simple, yet effective, motto of incorporating colour, texture, pattern, or shine. (See how closely linked fashion and interiors are?)

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With this red story, I wanted to stage a kitchenette. I first pulled the artwork which I thought was bright and fresh. I then picked the pillows in a mixture of textures. Velvet to add some weight, a print to keep it fun, a plain red and neutral to balance it out.  After adding the tableware, I focused on the details like decor cherries, the orchid plant, and a bird to bring more white through.

Jordan blog 2

The blue story also started with the piece of art – perfect for a reading nook! The colours in the blue pillow matched perfectly, and the white broke up the intense colour. Adding different shades of blue and neutrals brought interest to the room. Then I added the details like the flowers, grass, and a candle.

Jordan blog 3

The next room was a solarium/garden room which actually started with the watering can. Sometimes an inspiration piece can be as small and simple as this. I carried the metal through the look to modernize the typical garden room. I then grounded it by adding some textural black ceramics and a chalk board, followed by a lot of greenery to make it fresh.

jordan blog 5

For the bathroom I chose my least favorite colour, brown, and built on that. I started with the pillows and brought in all the lighter colours to break up the brown. Then I added purple accessories and metal. Adding details, like round rocks to match the main pillow and the rustic candle to keep with the natural look, was important. Good luck and happy decorating!



~ Jordan, Textiles & Designer





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