Post Holiday Palette

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Moving away from the holidays, and in towards January, we all have so much to look forward to in the next couple of months. We’re passed the shiny red and opulent green colors of December and into a simpler, starker palette that represents a clean slate for the New Year! 


For that reason, Shane, Janelle, and I teamed up to give our showroom a little re-vamping! We went with black, white, and gun metal accessories and art work. There’s something still crisp and winter like about these colors, but at the same time, they sense that Spring is coming up just around the corner.  


Since we have used such strong and simple colors, we wanted to add some layers of texture as well. Playing with different patterns and textures can really inspire and ignite imagination that lead to more thoughtful staging.  Finding the right balance is tricky, but it’s definitely worth the practice!


Come by the showroom to see more, or just to say hi!



~ Marlon Vizcayno, Designer

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