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Bachelor Suite

Staging a bachelor suite can be a challenge with the limited space, no walls, and scant storage. We have come up with a few solutions to assist you with this:

The Savan Table in Cappuccino

It measures at 29.5 in x 29.5 in and can open to 29.5 in x 59 in. This is the perfect table for a compact dining space in a bachelor suite. It seats 2 comfortably, and can allow for up to 4 more guests. Another bonus is that it is light to carry, and easy to maneuver (perfect for the solo inhabitant). 

Bachelor suite 1

Symmetrical Tableware

Choosing options like our square plates that are stack-able are a must! Coming in an array of sizes, they can easily be stacked and stored.


Displayable Canisters

Storing flours and grains takes up a large amount of space. Solve this problem by purchasing canisters that are nice enough to display on top of a counter. From frosted glass, to white enamel, and a multitude of colours in between, these containers are the perfect space-saving choice.


Compact Spice Storage

This, or a similar, spice rack is ideal because it can be tucked inside a cabinet, or placed on top of a stove-top. Again, the minimal and clean look makes it suitable for displaying. 


 Miniature Succulents

Adding greenery to a room makes it fresh and lively. Succulents are the lowest maintenance plants to have. They require watering once every few weeks, and need some sunlight. Of course, even easier to own are the imitation succulents we offer. They come in multiple styles and can be placed in any room with, or without, light. A bathroom counter-top, a living room area, or small side tables, the possibilities are endless.


All of the items in the images are available for rent or purchase at Flüff! And, as always, site visits are complimentary. We can assess your space and assist in making improvements, be it a bachelor suite or multi-bedroom home. 

Jordan, Designer + Textiles


 ~ Jordan, textiles & designer


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