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After moving from textiles and pillow production to my new position as designer, I was excited to take on my first staging project with Fluff.

Shirley and her partner Gary had their apartment on the market for 3 months with no respectable offers. Their realtor suggested they take it off the market, do some minor updates and stage the apartment before re-listing. Shirley and Gary invested a lot of hard work into this apartment. After completing a few updates such as hardwood floors and a neutral wall color, they called Flüff for their staging needs.

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After doing the site visit and meeting the lovely couple, we took it upon ourselves to really make this apartment shine. Our goal was for it to sell within the first month.

The small one bedroom was walking distance from the new Great Northern Way Emily Carr Campus.  The condo had new hardwood floors, the details were dated but still simple and clean. If we went too modern with our furniture choice it would look out of place in the slightly dated condo. We played with mixing simple, modern pieces while adding a fun vintage twist. We thought this would cater to the new market that Emily Carr would bring to the neighborhood.

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Our biggest challenge was working with the unusual angles in the layout. Furniture size and placement was crucial in making the space look functional and spacious. Working through this challenging layout was a great learning experience for me as a new designer.

With a strong vision and inspiration, the styling and decorating went seamlessly and we felt great after the installation. We were thrilled when Shirley called only 3 weeks later with the news that the apartment had sold after the first showing, and they were very happy with the final price. When we congratulated Shirley on her fast sell she replied with “Thanks to Flüff!”

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I was very proud of the finished product, and that our work made a big difference. It was heart warming to know that we could help the couple through a stressful transition.



~ Sophie, designer




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  1. belboschi says:

    Sophie I love what your design choices as much I really enjoyed reading this post. Great Job!

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