Creative Solution: Creating Privacy on a Patio

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Jane and I recently staged a condo near Cambie Street with two patios and floor to ceiling windows. The Realtor mentioned potential buyers had commented about the lack of privacy with the office building across the street. In a big city like Vancouver this can be a common issue for buyers. Our solution was to add greenery to the patio to create a privacy barrier that is pleasing to the eye. Because we don’t carry artificial outdoor plants for rental, we had to outsource a cost effective option.  


We looked into buying artificial boxwood hedges and even boxwood hedge mats that you apply to the glass on the railings, but neither fit our budget. We were very excited to come across a company in Abbotsford called Camson Creek Cedars that sells live hedges.  We chose the 4 ½ foot emerald cedars for only $16 dollars each, we put 4 hedges on the downstairs patio connected to the living room and some on the rooftop patio to create a more natural outdoor feeling.

We were so happy to have found this company and cost effective quick fix, they were a pleasure to do business with!



~ Sophie Doyle, designer



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  1. StylebyFire says:

    Great tip, Sophie! It’s super practical and brings a bit more nature to a living space

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