20 Minute Fireplace Transformation

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20 Minute DIY Fireplace Transformation Before and After

This has got to be one of the most effective DIY projects I know of.  I am sure you have all seen one of these dated brass fireplace inserts. 

20 Minute DIY Fireplace Transformation Before

This is such a quick and easy fix.  Here are the steps to complete your project:

1. Gather your supplies; TSP, high heat matte black paint (usually used for barbeques) & fine steel wool.

2. Pop off the brass items. This is easy to do.

3. Mix up some TSP and lightly scrub using the fine steel wool.  This will ensure that your surface is not only clean but has something for the paint to adhere to.

20 Minute DIY Fireplace Transformation - The Process

4. Let dry thoroughly.

5. Place each item one at a time on a rise and spray a light coat of the paint.  (You may find that one coat is enough). Make sure you do the sides too.

20 Minute DIY Fireplace Transformation Before - Spray painting

6. Let dry thoroughly. The paint is tack dry in 5 minutes.  If you need a second coat you can apply it at this time.

7. Once thoroughly dry pop the now black items back on the fireplace and VOILA.

20 Minute DIY Fireplace Transformation After

Total time? 20 minutes. Total cost? $25.00




~ Patti Houston, owner of Flüff Design & Decor




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  1. June Poulsen says:

    I have done this on so many stages, only wish I could change gold bathroom fixtures as easily.

  2. […] matte black paint) that cost around a total of $25, and it only takes about 20 minutes!  Read Patti’s blog post for step-by-step directions…  Pretty […]

    • Erica Houston says:

      Hi Lynly,
      Thank you so much for sharing this blog post with your audience! We hope they find this DIY useful too.


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