Painterly Trends in Interior Design

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At Flüff Designs, we love to know about the latest trends and styles in interior design. 

We often talk about how closely linked fashion and interior design are. From the colours, to the silhouettes, to the materials used – we see a lot of similarities. 

Lately we’ve been noticing a huge upsurgence with painterly trends in interior design. 

Painterly is used to describe a style that is painted-looking and typically uses multiple colors. We love using pieces of art in this style because of how many colours it can pair with. 

It is a great option for homeowners to purchase because the colour scheme of the home can easily be updated by bringing out the different colours in the art.

Another simple way to bring this trend into your home is through the use of textiles. A set of pillows or bed linens will add a pop of pattern without being overwhelming.

Here are a few of our favourite painterly pieces we have at Flüff:Painterly Trends in Interior Design - Flüff Designs -

We have created a board on Pinterest of some of our favourite painterly inspiration images. Click here to view our Painterly Pinterest Board.

We saw many great shows on the runway this season with this look and we can’t wait to use it in our home staging projects.

Has anyone been noticing this trend coming up too?

Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles



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