Celebrating Earth Month – 10 Easy Ideas To Help Your Business Be Green

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https://rentfluff.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/earth-month-april-2014.jpgSave the Earth (and money) with these ten easy ideas!

As April comes to a close, we are celebrating Earth month and reflecting upon all of the ways we do our part – no matter how big or small – to make this Earth a little greener and to help reduce our ecological footprint.

Although it is great to make it a focus for a month, we like to do our part daily to help. Here are ten ways Flüff helps out Mother Nature and how to adapt them in your business:

1) Reusing Furniture & Accessories

Is your business kind to the environment? Our whole business is based on an eco-friendly approach – we reuse items that people will only need for a short amount of time. Sofas, tables, chairs, consoles, desks, art, accessories, rugs – we rent out our items so people do not have to buy then dispose after they are finished with their home staging projects, special events, or temporary home relocation.

2) Reuse Packing Paper, Newspaper, Envelopes, and More!

Do your best to reuse things as much as possible before they hit the recycle bin. We re-use our packing paper, plastic bags and bubble wrap from project to project. Nearly no scrap is sent away. We also re-use file folders, envelopes and paper used in our filing system for other projects.

Shane is always on the hunt to reuse and repurpose broken or damaged inventory to turn it into something useful. Why throw it away when it’s perfectly reusable! See some of his DIY latest projects on how to reuse broken glass and how to fix watermarked furniture.

Earth Day 2014 - Ten Easy Ideas To Help Your Business Be Green - Fluff Designs www.rentfluff.com

3) Recycling Every Item We Can

Avoid throwing things in the garbage. We recycle every bottle, piece of paper, and plastic. We bring our batteries and old electronics to make sure they are disposed of properly. We have even sourced out some third party programs that aren’t normally included in the city of Vancouver, like styrofoam recycling.

4) Emailing Invoices and Receipts

Can you email documents instead of printing them out on paper? We email invoices and receipts to clients instead of printing them. It’s an easy switch and makes a huge difference.

5) Reusable Plastic Totes

Is there a way you can prevent using one-time use packaging? We have reusable plastic totes to move accessories from the warehouse to a project. They are durable and rarely have to get replaced.

Reusable Plastic Totes - Ten Easy Ideas To Help Your Business Be Greener

6) Reusable Mugs, Glasses, and Dishes

Ditch the paper products! We offer clients drinks in coffee mugs and glasses instead of paper cups which would unnecessarily end up in a landfill. We avoid paper products whenever we can. We use hand towels in the bathrooms, dishes at all of our events and reusable containers in our lunchroom. 

7) Natural Cleaning Supplies

Can you help keep harsh chemicals out of the drain? We use a natural cleaning solution of water and apple cider vinegar to tidy up our showroom. This stuff can clean anything!

Search the internet for endless examples of cleaning products using eco-friendly options such as vinegar, baking soda, and other simple items you probably already have in your home.

8) One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Do you have items you can donate? We donate extra items we no longer need to people who will use them. Packing peanuts, old dishes, and extra cardboard boxes are just some of the items we post on sites like Craigslist to give away or sell to people.

One of our favourite stories is from a woman named Roni who turned donated fabric samples into something beautiful. Read the blog post here on giving back to the community to see her beautiful creations.

Earth Month 2014 - Fabric Swatches - Fluff Designs

9) Eco-Friendly Transportation

Question your transportation choices. Our staff choose various eco-friendly modes of transportation to get to work: walking, biking, taking transit, carpooling, choosing hybrid vehicles and driving motorcycles. These methods not only save you money and but it also saves emissions from entering the air.

10) Turn Out The Lights

Don’t forget to turn out the lights! We turn out all our lights and unplug our appliances at night. A huge myth is that turning an appliance off will stop its power surge. This is false. The only way to truly stop its power surge is when something is unplugged from the outlet. 

We hope we have inspired you with some of our simple and quick tips to helping out the Earth. Now is a great time to implement these changes at your work our living place. With a collective effort from people around you in your community, it will surely be a breeze making these adjustments.  

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