Colour of the Month: Orange – Pantone 1655

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A perfect hue for the Spring season!

Colour of the Month - Orange Pantone 1655 - Fluff Designs

This month, we’ve selected Orange as our Colour of the Month (Pantone 1655).

As the weather warms up, we are gravitating towards summer-inspired things. From colours we use, to things we spot on the street, to the clothes we’re choosing to wear, everyone at Fluff is drawn to this bright orange hue!

It pairs amazingly with colours like natural linen, taupe, and sea blue. Using monochromatic tones, complementary tones, or analogous tones in interior design is a great way to incorporate spring into your colour story.

Colour of the month: Orange

We love the colour orange and often pair it with fresh greenery to complement each other. Here are a few interior shots of home staging projects we’ve done here:


We also used orange in a project with our outdoor designs:colour-of-the-month-pantone-1655-2

We see that Trevor Linden, the new president of hockey operations with the Vancouver Canucks, has also been inspired by orange. Read about Linden’s latest adventures with the orange man from his blog.

Trevor Linden - Orange Man

Send us photos of how you’ve been inspired to use orange with your designs.

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