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We recently had the pleasure of working with the television series, The Liquidator. We all had such a great, not to mention hilarious, time filming the episode at our warehouse.

The Liquidator is a television show on the Outdoor Life Network where the liquidation king and host Jeff Schwarz buys low and sells high. He buys stuff others don’t want and turns around to sell them for big profit. He’s unpredictable, hilarious and you never know what adventure he will be on next.

When Jeff came to visit Flüff, it was pandemonium! The crew was filming while we were shipping and receiving our projects, as well as having many clients in the warehouse picking projects. We wish we could do it every day!

Here’s how the process went:

We had palettes of home decor items we were looking to sell, and knew The Liquidator was the guy for the job. Jeff paid us a visit at the warehouse to see our stock:

Fluff on The Liquidator TV

Jeff was not impressed.

Fluff on The Liquidator TV

After much bartering, we agreed upon a price for the palette of goods. A mere $50 for hundreds of pieces! 

Fluff on The Liquidator TV

We thought that was a fair price.

Fluff on The Liquidator TV

We could not believe what Jeff was able to do with our products! This man is a genius. With his vast list of connections he was able to turn around the products for a huge profit.

Fluff on The Liquidator TV

Click below to see the video and how he turned $50 into big profit. In case you don’t know Jeff, you may not want to watch it with your kids around! 

[Language warning]

Follow The Liquidator on Facebook for his next adventures. The show airs Thursday nights on the OLN channel. We hope to work with him again one day!

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