Diamond in the Rough – Part 1

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Sarah's ChairsI have always been the type of girl to see the beauty in things, especially furniture! I recently moved into a Heritage apartment in the West End of Vancouver and am so excited to furnish it. The only problem is my budget…So my goal is to find older furniture and put some life back into it.

I found 4 vintage stackable chrome chairs at a hotel outlet store in Vancouver. They were in rough shape so I bargained them down to $16 for the four chairs not bad for my budget that’s for sure! They needed to be recovered and really polished up but there was potential.

My next task was to find fabric to recover the chairs. There is a great store right in our neighborhood called FabricTime, they have a large variety of upholstery fabrics to choose from at a great cost. I bought a bit more than I needed and spent $25 on the fabric. So now my chairs are at a grand total of $10.25 a chair, still definitely within my budget!

Now it was time to recover the chairs. I am so lucky to have my trusty handyman Shane to help me take on this task. He is a book of knowledge when it comes to… well pretty much everything fix it!

We stripped off the fabric and polished the bases; they came squeaky clean and polished up beautifully. Next was to recover the seats and backs with the new fabric. It takes a bit of strength so luckily I had Shane to help, the fabric needs to be pulled extremely tight to get a crisp look. Once we finished the seats all we had to do is screw them back together and they were perfect!


They are now sitting in my kitchen and work perfectly in my new home! I love the fact that they aren’t the typical chair that can be found in every home. Not only do they look great but I am proud to say that they are a custom piece made by Shane and Sarah.

Stay tuned I have more recycled pieces to come!

Sarah, Senior Designer ~ Sarah, Senior Designer





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  1. Jennie says:

    Wow Sarah, they look AWESOME!!! Good work guys! 🙂

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