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As summer approaches more and more people have started or are getting ready to renovate their outdoor spaces.

We were lucky to be apart of this patio renovation. We staged the final patio with 2 separate spaces – one with low seating for casual gatherings and one with a high table with bar stools. Both are great spaces for entertaining friends.

Below are the before and after photos of the project. This is a project we worked on a few years ago but it continues to be our most popular pin on Pinterest.

Before and After - Patio Renos - Fluff Designs Vancouver

Before and After - Patio Renos - Fluff Designs Vancouver

Before and After - Patio Renovation - Fluff Designs

Local Renovations

We also love to follow local renovations in the neighbourhood. We are located off of the vibrant community of Commercial Drive and there are always upgrades to the houses around us.

A project that we have been following is one that is happening right next door. It has been great watching the progress on the renovations.

They are in the process of adding a huge backyard patio. A perfect addition for enjoying the sunshine and having summer gatherings and with friends. They are also adding a small rooftop patio off of the master bedroom upstairs.

Fluff Designs - Local Renos Chester Contracting

Renovation next door - Fluff Designs

We chatted with the contractors who are in charge of the update. What a cool duo they are! The two, Kyle and Kevin, have been friends for ages and decided to go into business together.

There is also a third member in the company…their mascot Chester! Chester, whom is full of charm and whit, is a Boston terrier dog that loves the sun and, oddly enough, hiding underneath the wood chips from the table saw. (Really, more often than not, they find him buried under wood chips). The two couldn’t decide whose name to use for the company, so they named it Chester Contracting Services.

Fluff Designs - Local Renos Chester Contracting

We can’t wait to see the finished product. Check it out next time you’re at Flüff! Let us know about any summer renovation projects that you have planned. Share your photos with us and we will post them to Facebook.

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