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Before and After - Fluff Designs - www.rentfluff.comWe had the pleasure of staging a beautiful home in Kitsilano recently. It was right off Burrard Street – what a perfect location! This week’s Transformation Tuesdays features 2 design challenges we faced with this project.

Uniquely Large Dining Area

Compared to the living room, the dining room was uniquely large. This was a design challenge because it was important to fill the spaces whilst maintaining a balanced proportion in both rooms. We didn’t want to the large dining room to feel empty next to the living room.

Fluff Designs - Home Staging - Fluff Designs - Home Staging -

Large Rooftop Patio Solutions

This wasn’t the only design challenge for us in this project. There was an exceptionally large rooftop patio. Although this sounds like anybody’s dream, the entrance door was a mere 24 inches wide. Some may think it would be impossible to get any sizable furniture through that opening. We got creative and used our install toolbox to temporarily remove the door. We managed to squeeze the furniture through the doorway, with not an inch to spare!

Fluff Designs - Home Staging -


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There are challenges or unique qualities to many properties and we find these the most fun! It tests a designer’s space planning skills and makes the outcome that much more rewarding. Do you have any fun stories from past staging projects?

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