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Vancouver relocation packages - Fluff Designs -

Vancouver Relocation on the Rise

Vancouver has been seeing a large boom in relocation this year.

According to forecasts, Vancouver is expecting record numbers of people moving to the city in the name of business. How lucky to be relocated to one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

As the corporate housing market increases with a greater need for shorter term living accommodations, Flüff is a great go-to for any furnishing needs.

Vancouver relocation packages - Fluff Designs -

Vancouver Relocation Packages:

  • Flexible and complete rental packages that will help make the transition easier, no matter what the length of your stay is.
  • We can supply you with all the basics, or can add all the odds and ends to suit your needs.
  • Fully co-ordinated furnishings
  • Decorative accessories including art
  • Entertainment packages
  • Kitchen equipment including utensils
  • Linens for the bedroom and bathroom

Using Flüff is a great alternative to having to fully equip a new home while also adjusting to and exploring a new city.

Vancouver relocation packages - Fluff Designs -

Hassle-Free Moving

We are available to coordinate the install, and help with set-up and layout to make a hassle-free move. Working together we aim to make your move an easy one!

If you are relocating to Vancouver please give us a call or e-mail if you want to know more about these great packages.

Want to see how we have helped others? Click to view photos of some of our relocation projects.

We love Vancouver and we love helping people get settled!

Janelle, Designer, Fluff Designs


~ Janelle, Designer




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