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We live in a sometimes grey world being here in Vancouver and the colour is coming into the design of our homes as well.

Decorating with Colour – LOTS of Colour!

I am a huge fan of grey but I recently had an amazing interior styling client who was a complete breath of fresh air! Not only did she want colour, she wanted a lot of it! A mother of 2 and soon to be three she wanted to bring fun and colour back into her home.

She was moving back into her incredible Vancouver special she had renovated. The home was even featured in Western Living Magazine. The home is brilliantly designed with concrete floors, clean lines and an amazing live edge wood countertop which just makes me want to jump for joy!

Fluff Designs Interior Styling

Colourful Eiffel Chairs

The base was there we just needed the accessories to bring it to life. We chose a simple white table to be the anchor to the bright chairs. The eiffel chairs we chose are a classic look bringing in the sophistication but bright bright bright for the fun!

Tying in the chrome legs we went with interesting bar stools that brought a little bling to the kitchen. Not only are they an interesting shape they are a great spot for her kids and their friends to hang out.

Interior Styling - Fluff Designs - www.rentfluff.com

Home Entrance

My favorite part of the home was her entrance. She used a company called FLOR that is a fabulous floor tile company that let you create different patterns and looks. In the photos you will see the fun hopscotch effect she created for her kids. Not only did it make a huge impact on the entrance but I found myself hopping into the home!

Interior Styling - Fluff Designs - www.rentfluff.com

This has to be my favorite interior styling client to date! She was a blast to work with and pushed even me out of my comfort zone.

Together we created an exciting but sophisticated look which complimented the beauty of the transformed home.

Sarah, Senior Designer ~ Sarah, Senior Designer

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  1. jennie says:

    love the hopscotch rug at the entrance! 🙂 I would hop in too everytime I came home! 🙂

  2. bonnie schutter says:

    Bright, beautiful, clean lines and open spaces. having stayed there last week, i know it is a happy, joyful place to live…. Congratulations Merideth!

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