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We just had the opportunity to help a couple new to Vancouver get settled with a furnished home!

Turning a House into a Home

The couple is relocating from Los Angeles to Vancouver for business. With their furniture in transit from California, it would be at least a month before their furniture arrived. Instead of living in an empty house or buying new stuff to furnish their new place for only a short month we were able to temporarily furnish their lovely new space for them before they arrived in our beautiful city.

They expected to arrive to an empty apartment. And this is what they came home to:


We stocked their kitchen with everything they could need, had their bedrooms ready to go, and transformed their empty house into a home. All they needed to do was show up!

Vancouver Relocation Company - Fluff Designs


We brought the executives who arranged the relocation package to the home. As they walked around they were amazed at how beautiful the home looked. They toured the house in amazement exclaiming:

“Wow!! WOW! WOW!! Oh my God! Holy sh!t!”

The renters were not expecting a fully furnished home when they arrived. Instead, they were expecting to sleep on an air mattress and put their computers on a cardboard box until their own furniture arrived from California. Upon arrival, the renter exclaimed:

“You are all amazing! This has been so helpful and it feels so nice to just relax!”

Vancouver Relocation Company  - Fluff Designs

Vancouver Relocation Packages

Helping others get settled in a new city is something we love doing. Multiple packages are available to suit your needs and fill in any gaps necessary while navigating a new city.

We were able to do this project in less than 24 hours. With a quick install time, we can have your new home ready before you even arrive.

We are so excited about how happy they were with the results!

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Janelle, Designer, Fluff Designs


~ Janelle, Designer




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